Summer 2023 KAL: Knitting your Streamline

Welcome back to Harmony's Summer Knit-a-long! We've got just over 3 weeks left until our wrap-up party. Wips are welcome, so don't worry if you haven't started yet!
Today we're bringing you some tips for a successful Streamline Tank or Tee.
Pictured above are Mel's Streamline swatches. From top to bottom, yarns pictured are Cascade Noble Cotton, Cascade Anchor Bay, Kelbourne Mojave held double, Noro Sonata, and Noro Kakigori. All available at Harmony!
Here are some things to think about when knitting your Streamline:
  • The Streamline Tank and Tee are designed without any waist or bust shaping. This means that the body of your top will more or less be a rectangle, which can lead to fit issues if you don't want a boxy silhouette. The good news is this is a great pattern to experiment with shaping! You can choose to cast on one size and increase to the stitch count of the next size up if your chest measurement is larger than your waist measurement.
  • If you want to crop your Streamline, be aware that if you are cropping it by more than 4.5" you'll need to start the neckline detail before finishing the split hem increases.
  • If you'd rather not do a split hem, simply cast on 8 stitches more than the pattern recommends and do not work the increases at the sides. You can then decide whether to seam the sides all the way to the hem or leave a split hem without the cutout made by the increases.
  • Don't be afraid of seaming! The selvage edges in this pattern use slip stitches, which means you'll have half as much seaming to do. Look up tutorials for invisible horizontal grafting for the shoulder seams, and mattress stitch for the side seams. The links provided are for two tutorials that Mel likes, but there are lots of others out there!
  • To determine where to end your side seams, pin first and try on. You can seam with wider arm holes for a boxier fit, or sew your seam higher for more coverage.
  • When it comes to blocking summer fibers, it's hard to know the best option. Mel used the wet towel blocking method for her green top and has been converted! To use this method, pin your top to measurements while it's completely dry. Then gently spray a towel so it's wet, but not sopping. Lay your towel over your project, making sure the entire top is covered by the wet towel. Leave it alone for 24 hours, then remove your towel and let your top fully dry. This method ensures that your top won't stretch too much while wet!

Thank you so much for joining us in this KAL! We are so excited to see your projects. Remember to share your projects on Instagram, tagging @madewithharmony and using the hashtag #StreamlineWithHarmonyKAL to be entered for prizes! You can find more details about the KAL here.