Harmony is a magical wonderland, filled to the brim with supplies and gifts curated to make your life more colorful, whimsical, happy, and intentional. But the products are just the vehicle to Harmony's most important mission: providing a community of kindness and inspiration for everyone who walks in our doors. 

Started by mother-and-daughter duo, Laura and Rachel Harmon in 2012, Harmony began as a "let's just see how long this can last" dream, and it has surpassed every one of our wildest imaginings. 

We are thrilled to offer a large portion of Harmony's inventory online; it has been no small feat to open our virtual doors. We anticipate some bumps in the transition process, but we're undaunted and ready to bring Harmony to creators far and wide. 

Laura and Rachel have grown their team as Harmony has grown. We have brilliant collaborators, customers, and employees who make Harmony what it is. Welcome.