Alison Glass

Alison Glass / Knit Essentials Patterns

$ 22.00

‘Knit Essentials', first in the “Essentials Series’ by Alison Glass and Karen LePage, is a 24-page garment pattern booklet. Working with a master dress pattern as a starting place the pattern walks the reader through a detailed muslin making process, ensuring a custom fit. From there choose from 6 major variations, a handful of minor variations, and finally a section on adding embellishments to have almost endless choices from one pattern. The booklet is filled with full-color photography of the many options within the pattern. Combined with high-quality materials, full pattern pages, and lots of encouragement, ‘Knit Essentials’ is a must-have garment pattern.

Pattern Format: PRINTED

Size Range: A-K  See images for size chart

Fabric: KNIT