Cloud Slime

$ 7.00

Toysmith Cloud Slime is soft, fluffy, colorful, and nonstick, making it relatively accident-free in case it ends up on windows or walls. Parents will love that kids can squish it on surfaces or toss it around carefree. Cloud Slime comes in a travel-friendly plastic 2.75-inch jar to keep it contained when not in use and make it ideal for grab-and-go play. Gooey, smooth texture and glittery color make this slime an ideal fidget toy. Stretch it, squeeze it, pull it. Toss it around and expel pent-up energy. Available in an assortment of colors. Each tub contains 5.5 ounces. Great as a party favor, classroom reward, motor-skill development aid, and stress-relieving tool.

  • Age Grade: 5+