Chartreuse Nylon Puckered Square

$ 4.25 per 1/4 yard

Juicy and textured, this fabric offers a little stretch and a lot of "wow"

This fabric has been sustainably sourced from a U.S. deadstock textile supplier.

Fiber Content: 100% Nylon likely

Stretch: 37% crosswise, 14% lengthwise

Width: 54"

Weight: 198gsm / 5.84oz

Country of Origin:  Unknown

Care Instructions:  Machine wash cool, tumble dry low

It is recommended that you pre-wash/pre-treat your fabric in the way you intend to wash your finished garment.

Pattern Recommendations: True Bias Mave Skirt

We try to provide an accurate representation of the fabric’s color.  Due to differences in every digital screen, we cannot guarantee the color on your screen is an exact match to the actual color of the fabric.

Total Yardage: