Cassie Cat

$ 30.00

Cassie Cat from Steiff is the purr-fect pal you’ve been waiting for. Her sweet and soft plush coat is so huggable and cozy. Talented Steiff artists have brought this sweet strawberry blonde cat to life with adorable details, including a pale plush snout and ears, inquisitive eyes, a pink nose, and padded paws. Cassie even has airbrushed details for more realistic-looking fur. We’ve also included little bean bangs in the paws to give her greater stability, which is ideal for positioning her during playtime or displaying her as part of a collection of toys. Cassie Cat is 10 inches is size and features kid-friendly safety eyes. She features the famous Steiff stainless-steel "Button in Ear" tag that signifies exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Most importantly, she makes a wonderful round-the-clock companion for any little one.  

Size: 10 inches