Sew House Seven

Sew House 7 / Burnside Bibs

$ 21.00

The Burnside Bibs are not your traditional work overalls. Yes, they are comfortable and easy to wear, yet they are much more stylish and feminine than traditional versions. The straps that transition to narrower ties offer many options for how they can be tied. And like so many sewing patterns, we as sewists are able to influence how casual or dressed up they become simply by fabric choice. Choose a fabric with some drape such as Tencel and pair them with a silk blouse and some heels for a dressed-up look. Use a more traditional denim or linen and wear them with a tee shirt, sneakers or clogs, and take a more casual approach.

Pattern Format: PRINTED

Size Range: Standard 00 - 20 or Curvy See images for size chart

Fabric: WOVEN



Instagram Hashtag: #burnsidebibs


This pattern includes multiple size ranges that are sold separately. Please make sure you look at the options carefully to ensure that you get the pattern size you need.