Bug Embroidery Patterns

$ 12.00

Stick, Stitch, & Rinse embroidery patterns. I created these embroidery transfers after experimenting with different ways to transfer an image for hand embroidering. I wanted to find a way to be able to embroider on all different types of fabric with a thin-lined, clear design that was also easy to use. My embroidery patterns give beginners as well as seasoned stitchers a fun way to create embroidered designs!

Here's how it works: Each pattern is printed on a water-soluble sticker. You unpeel and stick the moth transfer wherever you want to embroider the image. Embroider as you would normally, using the transfer as a guide you stitch into. Once the embroidery is finished, rinse off the transfer in the sink. Let it dry, it's really that easy!

Each pattern is single-use and includes the following designs:

  • 1 Spiderweb
  • 2 Bees
  • 2 Ladybugs
  • 4 Ants
  • 2 Flies
  • 1 Spider
  • 1 Butterfly
  • 1 Beetle
  • 1 Stinkbug
  • 1 Moth