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Puns of Anarchy: The Outrageous Pun-Making Game

$ 30.00

PUNS OF ANARCHY: One of the most witty and quirky party games that’s laugh-out-loud unique every time you play. No famous bands or movies are safe from becoming hilarious puns.

HOW TO PLAY: Use dry erase markers to turn famous bands, movies, people, and more into hilarious and creative puns in different categories! After every silly round, the group decides which witty wordsmith best channeled their inner-dad. May cause excessive laughter, some groans, and probably a few eye rolls.

AGE LEVEL: Game content can be as clean as the players make it — excellent for both families and friendly game nights. Gameplay is fast-paced and designed so even beginners can easily create fantastic puns in this party card game.

WHAT’S INSIDE: 250 Dry Erase Punnable Cards (bands, movies and more), 60 Category Cards, and 6 high quality dry erase markers that are fine tipped so even the most elaborate puns are possible, otherwise - what’s the *point*?

THE PERFECT GIFT: For birthdays, Christmas, Father's Day, or an anytime present for creative people. Bring it to Thanksgiving or your family / friend’s game night to compete for the best Dad Joke title!