Advanced Lettering Set

$ 22.00 $ 32.00

  • 4 ABT Dual Brush Pens with flexible brush tip for big, bold letters and fine bullet tip for details. Colours black (ABT-N15), deep magenta (ABT-685), cherry (ABT-815) und sea blue (ABT-373). Plus a colourless Blender Pen to soften and blend ABT colours
  • Smudge-proof pencil MONO 100 for sketching guidelines. Degree of hardness 3H (very hard)
  • Calligraphy pen Fudenosuke in two versions - with hard tip with firm brush (degree of hardness 1) and soft tip with flexible brush (degree of hardness 2). Colour black
  • Black permanent marker MONO twin with bullet tip and fine point tip
  • Eraser MONO XS for a clean and exact erasing of guidelines